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+50V / 3A Stabilized and Regulated Power Supply

Here the +50V / 3A Stabilized and Regulated Power Supply.

schematic diagram:

component parts list:

R1= 10Kohm
R2= 1 ohm 5W
R3= 3.9 ohms 1W
R4= 6.8Kohm 1W
R5= 390 ohms 1W
R6= 100Kohm 0.5W
R7= 1.2Kohm 1W
R8= 1.8Kohm 0.5W
R9= 3.3Kohm 0.5W
RV1= 470 ohms pot.

Q3= BC303 or BC461
D1....4= Bridge 15A
D5= LED RED 5mm
C1-2-4= 4700uF 100V
C3-5= 100nF 250V MKT
D6-7= 10V 1W Zener
D8-9-10= IN4007
Q1= 2N3055 on heatsink
T1= 230Vac / 55V 3A
Q2= BD162 or BD243 or BD543

It 's a circuit that can give in his exit + 40V until + 60V 3A, with simultaneous stabilization. The materials that use is very simple and will not exist difficulties in the manufacture, is enough you are careful certain points:
For output voltages smaller of + 50V until + 40V, the Q1 is hot enough, so that it needs one big heatsink. For output voltages bigger of + 50V up to + 70V, the stabilization is not satisfactory.
Conclusion: ideal output voltage is + 45V until + 60V. In the circuit potensiometer RV1, is used in order to …

0-15V / 1A Adjustable Power Supply

This is 0-15 volt / 1 Ampere power supplycircuit diagram. This is very simple and easy to built, the output is stabilized and regulated. Maximum output 15V and 1 Ampere, u can use this circuit for common electronic devices like radio, cd player, mini amplifier or just for your experimental circuits.

Components list:

R1= 56ohm 2W
R2= 330ohm Lin. pot.
C1= 2200uF 35V
C2= 100uF 35V
C3= 10uF 25V
C4= 220uF 25V
C5= 100nF 100V
Q1= 2N3055
GR1= 4 X 1N4007
D1= 18V 1.5W zener
T1=220V@18V 1.5A