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+15V / 1A Regulated Power Supply using uA723

This is the design diagram of +15V / 1A regulated power supply using uA723.
Circuit operation: The supply receives +20VDC from the rectifier / filter section (diode bridge). This is applied to pins 11 and 12 of the IC uA723, as well as to the collector of the 2N3055 series-pass transistor. The output voltage is simpled through R1 and R1, providing about 7V with respect to ground at pin 4. The reference terminal at pin 6 is tied directly to pin 5, the noninverting input of the error amplifier. For fine tuning output voltage, a potensiometer can be installed between R1 and R2. A 100 pF capacitor to pin 4 furnishes gain compesation for the amplifier.

-15V / 1A Regulated DC Power Supply

This is the scheme design of -15V / 1A Regulated DC Power Supply. It used uA723 precision voltage regulator and TIP105 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Darlington transistor. The supply receives -20V from the rectifier/filted which is fed to the collector of the Darlington PNP pass transistor, a TIP105. The base drive to the TIP105 is supplied through resistor R5. The base of the TIP105 is driven from Vz terminal at pin 9, which is the anode of a 6.2V zener diode that connects to the emitter of the uA723 output control transistor.