Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 12V Battery Charger with Current Limiting

This is the circuit design of Smart Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 12V Battery Charger featuretwith Current Limiting. The charger uses a two step process for charging SLA batteries – a current limited ‘fast’ mode followed by a constant voltage ‘float’ mode. Maximum charging current is 1A.

An onboard LED indicates when the charger is in ‘fast’ mode. When the LED goes out the battery is charged and the charger has switched to ‘float’ mode.

Very Simple 35000 VDC High Voltage Power Supply (HV Generator)

This is a basic knowledge about how to generate very high DC Voltage from 240V main AC home supply. The design of this circuit is very simple.

Rectifier Circuit Without Diodes

This the rectifier circuit to convert AC supply become DC supply which not required diode, in other words, this is an diodeless rectifier, rectifier circuit without diodes.

Simple Split Power Supply 9V

Simple Split Power Supply 9V circuit diagram

This is a simple circuit design of 9V split power supply. This power supply circuit delivers plus and minus 9V to substitute the two 9V batteries. The rectifier circuit is certainly two separate full-wave rectifiers fed from the secondary of the transformer. One full-wave rectifier consists of diodes Dl and D2, which produce +9 V, and then the other consists of D3 and 4, which produce -9 V.