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General Static and Adjustable Power Supply circuit

Below general power supplycircuit has 2 static output type, stabled output at 5VDC and adjustabled output or variable output.Here the circuit diagram:
The circuit is based on the regulator IC 7805. It has only 3 connections (input, output and ground) and it provides a fixed output. The last two digits of the part number specify the output voltage, eg. 05, 06, 08, 10, 12, 15, 18, or 24. The 7800 series provides up to 1 amp load current and has on-chip circuitry to shut down the regulator (rather than blowing out) if any attempt is made to operate it outside its safe operating area. (If this happens to you, let the chip cool down and attach the heatsink.).Visit this page more detail about general power supply.

3-30V DC / 3A Variable Power Supply circuit with IC 723

Featured with short circuit protection and overload protection, this variable regulated power supply will is very nice for your electronic equipments. The voltage output range will be 3-30 volt DC with 3A current.Download the manual of this circuit include the schematic diagram and part list from HERESource:

Bench Power Supply

This is the schematic diagram of bench power supply . This bench powersupply will be great to support your activity if you are an electronics hobbyst:Take a note that based on the diagram, this circuit require 120V AC to 17V AC Center Tapped Transformer. If your country use 220V AC home electric source, you MUST change the Transformer 220-240V AC to 18V AC Center Tapped Transformer.

More information of this bench power supply, visit this page

Dual Polarity Regulated Power Supply circuit with IC 78xx/79xx

This is a regulated power supply circuit with dual polarity output. There are 3 output that are (+) voltage, (0) Grounding, and (-) voltage. The current output max about 0.3-0.5 A. IC 78xx is used as positive voltage regulator while IC 79xx is used as negative voltage regulator.

You need center tapped (CT) transformer 0.5-1A for this circuit. Use transformer voltage output refer to your need. For example, if you need 12v output, you should connect J1 to 15v transformer output, J2 connected to 0v and J3 connected to another 15V.