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High Current Power Supply Circuit with 2N3055

This is a unregulated dc power supplycircuit which have ability to handle high current load.

Component parts:
R1_________ 680 Ohm 1/4 Watt Resistor
C1_________ 20,000 - 50,000uF 20-40 Volt Capacitor
C2, C3_____ 100uF/50 Volt Capacitor
C4_________ 0.1uF 50 Volt Capacitor
C5_________ 0.01uF 50 Volt Capacitor
D1_________ Zener Diode
Q1_________ 2N3055 Or Other
T1_________ Transformer
BR1________ Bridge Rectifier
S1_________ SPST 250 VAC 10 A Switch
MISC_______ Case, Line Cord, Heatsink For Q1, Binding Posts For Output
D1 should be rated at about one volt higher than then desired output of the supply. A half watt diode will do.Q1 can be a transistor similar to the 2N3055.T1 should be about 5 volts higher than the desired output of the supply, and rated for about one amp more of current. The voltage overhead is required by the regulator section. The extra current is to keep the transformer from over heating.The choice of BR1 will depend on the voltage and current of your transformer. The rectifie…

Uninterruptible Power Supply circuit

Here the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) circuit with PIC17C43 microcontroller. Your UPS will be automatically controlled by the microcontroller.
UPS systems are traditionally designed using analog components. Today these systems can integrate a microcontroller with AC sine wave generation, offering the many benefits.The PIC17C43 microcontroller handles all the control of the UPS system. The PIC17C43 is unique because it provides a high performance and low cost solution not found in other microcontrollers.Download the document of Uninterrupted Power Supply