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DC Short Circuit Protection with Electronic Fuse

Here the diagram of electronic fuse circuit. This circuit will help to protect the load against short circuit for DC circuit application. Relays should be chosen with a voltage value equals to the input voltage. Do not omit making use of the 100uF capacitor with proper voltage value with respect to the input voltage. The circuit use Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) BRX46 which is designed for control systems and sensing circuit applications. In case you cannot find this component, it is possible to use C106 as a substitute of BRX46.

Discharge Indicator Circuit for 12V Lead Acid Battery

Here the discharge indicator circuit for Lead Acid battery 12V. This circuit is used to prevent the batteries from damage. When discharging the battery voltage pin 12V Lead may not be reduced below 10.8V, so we notice the lighting of Led, when the voltage falls below this value. To achieve control we need a constant voltage and a circuit that can compare this with the controlled voltage. And these two conditions to ensure the IC1-LM 723.

Split Power Supply Circuit 22V DC

This is the circuit diagram of split power supply circuit which will give a regulated DC voltage (+)22V ; GND and (-)22V. This is an old regulated power supply design which built using active components of dioda zeners and transistors to give regulated output.

This is a very basic voltage regulator circuit, without any additional features such as foldback current limiting, and doesn't have the same performance as an IC regulator such as 78xx series.