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Variable Lab Power Supply 0-24V / 4A

Variable lab power supply 0-24V / 4A, it is a laboratory power supply with output voltage continuously adjustable from 0 V to 24 V DC, remote voltage sense capability (Sense internal/external). It has output current limit which is continuously adjustable from 0.04 A to 4 A and output current which can be limited continuously or output shut down (Limit/cut).

Remote sensing means that there are actually two extra wires which sense the delivered voltage at the load and compensate for any voltage drop along the cables which carry the delivered electric current. This improves voltage regulation at the load significantly but needs two extra wires for the sensing. A switch will allow internal sensing at the output terminals for easier operation when remote sensing isn't necessary.

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Variable Power Supply Circuit 3-24V / 2A

This the variable power supply with regulated output. The circuit can be altered from 3V to 25V and the electric current is limited to 2 amps as shown. But it's possible to be increased to 3 amps or more by applying a smaller current sense resistor (0.3 ohm).

The power transistor 2N3055 and 2N3053 is used to boost the output current and it should be mounted on suitable heat sinks and the current sense resistor should be rated at 3 watts or more.