6V to 12V DC Voltage Doubler

Here is the 6V to 12V DC voltage doubler circuit design, it also called DC voltage miltiplier or DC to DC converter. This dc voltage doubler circuit will need about 2A from the 6V input supply to produce the full 800mA at 12V for the power output.

This circuit is very useful to generate higher voltage from a low power source, but this circuit will deliver low output current. So it should only be used for low current driven applications. Also, the output voltage may be unstable, so a voltage regulator (IC78XX) of proper rating can be used regulation and smooth output. But voltage regulator IC itself consume some current, and reduce the deliverable current.

6V to 12V DC Voltage Doubler Parts List

  • R1, R4 = 2.2K
  • R2, R3 = 4.7K
  • R5 = 1K
  • R6 = 1.5K
  • R7 = 33K
  • R8 = 10K
  • C1,C2 = 0.1uF C3 = 470uF/25V
  • D1 = 1N914
  • D2 = 1N4004
  • D3 = 12V 400mW Zener Diode
  • Q1, Q2, Q4 = BC547
  • Q3 = BD679
  • L1 is a custom inductor wound with about 80 turns of 0.5mm magnet wire around a toroidal core with a 40mm outside diameter.

6V to 12V DC Voltage Doubler Circuit

  • Different values of D3 can be used to get different output voltages from about 0.6V to around 30V. Note that at higher voltages the circuit might not perform as well and may not produce as much current. You may also need to use a larger C3 for higher voltages and/or higher currents.
  • You are allowed use a larger value for capacitor C3 to provide better filtering.

About Power Supply
A power supply is a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads. The term of "power supply" is most commonly applied to devices that convert one form of electrical energy to another, though it may also refer to devices that convert another form of energy (e.g., mechanical, chemical, solar) to electrical energy.
A power supply may be implemented as a discrete, stand-alone device or as an integral device that is hardwired to its load. In the latter case, for example, low voltage DC power supplies are commonly integrated with their loads in devices such as computers and household electronics. More explanation about power supply can be found at wikipedia.org

This is the tutorial about "How to build an AC to DC power supply ". The video tutorial covers the basics of diodes, bridge rectifiers, and how to build simple unregulated AC to DC power supplies than can handle a few mA up to several Amps.

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