Regulated Current Booster for Power Supply

Regulated Current Booster for Power Supply circuit diagram

This is the regulated current booster designed to increase the DC current of a power supply.

Even though the 78xx series of voltage regulators are readily available with diverse current outputs, you could increase the obtainable current output with this circuit. A power transistor is utilized to provide additional current for the load the regulator, preserving a continuous voltage. Currents as much as 650mA will flow by way of the regulator, above this value along with the power transistor will start out to conduct, supplying the additional existing for the load. This needs to be on an sufficient heat sink as it is actually most likely to obtain rather hot. Suppose you use a 12V regulator, LM7812. The input voltage must be a number of volts greater to permit for voltage drops. Assume 20 Volts. Lets also assume that the load will draw 5 amps. The power dissipation within the transistor will likely be Vce * Ic or (20-12)*8 = 40 Watt. It may possibly preserve you warm within the Winter, but you might have to have a big heatsink with very good thermal dissipation.

If you would like to enhance the output current using a negative regulator, just like the 79xx series, then the circuit is comparable, but an NPN type power transistor is applied as a substitute.

About Power Supply
A power supply is a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads. The term of "power supply" is most commonly applied to devices that convert one form of electrical energy to another, though it may also refer to devices that convert another form of energy (e.g., mechanical, chemical, solar) to electrical energy.
A power supply may be implemented as a discrete, stand-alone device or as an integral device that is hardwired to its load. In the latter case, for example, low voltage DC power supplies are commonly integrated with their loads in devices such as computers and household electronics. More explanation about power supply can be found at

This is the tutorial about "How to build an AC to DC power supply ". The video tutorial covers the basics of diodes, bridge rectifiers, and how to build simple unregulated AC to DC power supplies than can handle a few mA up to several Amps.

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